Relatives : Unknown
Portrayed by : Tim Curry
First appearance : First Contact at the End of Part 2

Gaal was a penal colonist who claimed to have killed at least 20 People on the stations. He was sent to G889 as part of the E-2 program. There, he claimed to have killed at least 6 other penal colonists.

Commander Broderick O Neill was killed by his Grendlers while investigating him.

It is later revealed that he has taken control of terrians through shock collars. True Danziger, who has believed in him up until this point, realizes his true nature when she sees this. True steals the necklace Gaal uses to protect himself from the terrians and leaves him to his fate.

Appearances: Edit

  • First Contact (First Appearance at the End of Part 2).
  • The Man who fell to Earth
  • Life Lesson
  • Promises, Promises (last Appearance)
  • Short Appearance in a Flashback Sequence (Better Living through Morganite Part 2)

Behind of Scenes Edit

Gaal was played by Tim Curry in all of his Apparaence's
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